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Having the newest, best technology is almost a requirement at this point in today’s society. Not only to look trendy among your friends but also because tech becomes so outdated, so quickly. Within a year phones are often discarded for the next upgrade. Who doesn’t want the newest and best tech out there? But what happens with the outdated devices? We too often throw them in a desk drawer hoping they’ll disappear to the great beyond, or worse they go in the trash.

When electronic waste is not disposed of properly or responsibly it raises concerns about air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and information security. The air can be polluted when the electronic waste is burned down to the copper. If not disposed of properly, toxins from electronic waste can enter the soil and water supplies. Not to mention, many discarded devices are ready to open and gather personal data from previous owners.

Electronics have always produced waste but in today’s rapidly changing world of technology, the quantity and speed of discarded electronics is increasing which is producing large amounts of electronic waste. But what can be done to reduce this harmful waste?

We like to call it the three R’s: Reuse, Repair, or Recycle.


As consumers, we should try to use our devices for as long as possible. Getting a new iPhone every year might be cool but it’s not sustainable. Better yet, instead of keeping an outdated phone, try buying refurbished products (maybe on TekReplay.com, just saying). You can still keep up with the latest technology but buying refurbished or renewed helps reduce the amount of used technology just sitting in a junk drawer or landfill.


Next time you have an issue with your laptop, try supporting a local repair shop by attempting to have it repaired. This not only stimulates the local economy but the longer you can hold onto your technology the less electronic waste is out there. If you are dying for an update, once again, buying renewed can significantly reduce the amount of electronic waste that is disposed of improperly.


Last but not least, always properly dispose of your old electronics: by either selling or trading them to a resale vendor or researching local regulations for recycling electronics. Letting them collect dust in your house is impractical and throwing them away in the regular trash to be improperly disposed of is irresponsible.

For our local followers there are plenty of options for recycling in the update area. E-waste is accepted at all Greenville County Residential Waste and Recycling Centers!

We know that there often seems to be so many rules and regulations on how to live sustainably and to help save the environment, but buying refurbished electronics is one small way that regular people can make a huge impact on the problem of electronic waste in our world. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place to start shopping refurbished electronics right now. 

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