Our inventory arrives and is promptly received to be processed by our amazing warehouse team. After processing, they do a full inspection and give each product a cosmetic grade so that it can be listed correctly on our website.

Testing and Repairs

Once the devices are received and graded, they’re taken to our in-house diagnostics lab for testing. If any of the components within the device fail, they will be taken to our repairs specialists where they will be replaced.


After each item is carefully inspected, graded, and repaired, our Marketing and eCommerce team will list the perfect iPhone, tablet, smartwatch, or laptop that you’re looking for on our website for you to purchase.

Item sold

As soon as you buy your new-to-you device, all purchased items will be imported into our shipping management system so that we can ensure the safe delivery of your renewed technology.

Item shipped

All items are shipped the next business day. Orders are packed using our house-made bubble wrap and protective packaging so your device is safe while making it's way to your door.