We understand that the pressure of constantly having the newest and best tech can be overwhelming. Often the cost of upgrading your technology can be heavy and premium products at a great price are hard to find. We’re here to help! TekReplay provides high quality renewed technology at an affordable price that you and your wallet can feel good about. 

We know that technology has become essential to your daily life. Phones, laptops, smart watches, and tablets are now an indispensable key to both work and personal life. At TekReplay we pride ourselves on our commitment to diligent, rigorous testing and high expectations of the products that have now become crucial to your life. 

Technology can be hard. It’s all too often confusing and the choices are endless. Our customer service representatives are here for you with answers. We are not interested in simply selling devices but building partnerships with our customers. Our unique, personalized buying experience provides innovative technology all over the world, including to your doorstep. 

Why not just buy new? Buying renewed can save your pocket and the planet. Electronic waste is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Purchasing refurbished technology has a reduced impact on the planet and on your wallet.  

Since our Founder/President, Shane Burnette, started TekReplay selling iPods back in 2008 we’ve been committed to sourcing, renewing, and selling the highest quality technology. We care about our team, customers, technology, and our planet and we want you to always feel good about your devices and your bank account. 

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