What iPad is best for your needs?

When it comes to tablets it’s hard to beat the Apple iPad. However, choosing the right iPad for you can be tricky considering Apple has four different iPad models with new releases and upgrades almost every year, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which one is best for your needs. Luckily, TekReplay is here to help you dive into all of your options. 

Each model has its pros and cons but it all comes down to what you’re planning on using it for. On one end of the spectrum is the classic iPad which is a great choice for everyday things like streaming video, reading e-books, and playing casual games. On the other end is the iPad Pro. It’s the most expensive and the most powerful and perfect for content creators who need to run pro-level photo and video editing applications. Lying in the middle is the iPad Air with more power than the traditional iPad but at a lower price than the Pro. Last but not least, there’s the iPad mini which is the winner for portability. 

It all comes down to your individual needs, but whatever your budget or requirements we can help find the right iPad for you! 

Best Value

Apple’s basic level model, commonly and lovingly known as simply the “iPad” provides plenty of bang for your buck so to speak. When you take into account the number of high-quality applications and services available for the iPad Operating System you can’t go wrong. Not to mention the classic iPad is usually the most affordable compared to the other iPad models. 

If you’re looking for an Apple tablet for scrolling mindlessly through social media or watching movies on the couch without shelling out a bunch of cash, the classic iPad is the perfect choice for you. It’s available with WiFi or cellular and plenty of different storage options to choose from to find one that fits your needs and budget. 

Peak Performance

The iPad Pro is the superior choice for power users and it even delivers the type of performance you may expect from a laptop. If you’re someone who is always drawn to the latest and greatest, the iPad Pro tablet may be the one for you. 

The Pro outpaces all other iPads in power and performance. The screen produces vibrant images with better contrast that comes in handy when you’re editing video and photos. It also has a fast refresh rate which makes the animations in things like games to scrolling around the internet look smoother and faster. Not to mention an incredible camera and impressive battery life, two important factors that we’re often asked about! 

The iPad Pro also supports the Smart Keyboard and the Apple pencil which can turn your tablet into a laptop and a drawing pad, respectively. 

If you're a content creator who is searching for something powerful and portable there’s nothing better than the iPad Pro or maybe you just love having the biggest and best. Available in multiple screen sizes, multiple memory options, and WiFi and cellular compatibility, there are  endless options for your iPad Pro.  

Crowd Pleaser 

If you’re looking for the power of the Pro with more portability the Apple iPad Air may be the tablet for you. With high-speedperformance and its smaller size, it is the ideal tablet for getting work (or schoolwork) done. You won’t have any issues running demanding photo and video editing apps with the Air. It also connects with accessories like the Apple Smart Keyboard cover. 

So why not just go with the Pro? While the Pro is more powerful on paper the Air can handle almost as much plus it’s more portable and typically cheaper! If you’re looking for a little more power than the classic iPad but don’t need the bells and whistles of the iPad Pro (and want to save some cash) the iPad Air is the perfect choice. 

High powered enough for work, and light enough for travel and play. The iPad Air is the crowd favorite. 

Most Portable 

If you’re living a jet-setter lifestyle and need a tablet that goes anywhere, the iPad mini is for you. It’s the ideal travel companion. 

This 7.9-inch tablet has a bright sharp display, perfect for reading e-books. Not to mention the fast processing power that makes web browsing and watching movies smooth and stutter-free. The best part is that it weighs under a pound making it easy to hold for long periods. 

The iPad mini is the most portable Apple tablet available and it packs a punch for being so small. We highly recommend this one for an on-the-go individual who wants something that they can store in their purse or pocket conveniently.

The Spec Break Down: 


Apple iPad 6th Gen (2018)

Apple iPad Air 3rd Gen (2019) 

Apple iPad Pro 4th Gen (2020)

Apple iPad mini 5th Gen (2019)

Screen Size 

9.7 inch

10.5 inch

12.9 inch

7.9 inch







Rear-mounted 8 megapixel "iSight" camera and front-mounted 1.2 megapixel "FaceTime HD" camera

Rear-mounted 8 megapixel "iSight" camera and front-mounted 1.2 megapixel "FaceTime HD" camera

7 megapixel front-facing camera and dual rear cameras (12 megapixel wide angle and 10 megapixel ultra-wide angle

Rear-mounted 8 megapixel "iSight" camera and a front-mounted 7 megapixel "FaceTime HD" camera


Bluetooth, WiFi, Lightning Port 

Bluetooth, WiFi, Lightning Port, 3.5 mm headphone jack

Bluetooth, WiFi, USB-C

Bluetooth, WiFi, Lightning Port, Headphone Jack


Four core 2.3 GHz Apple A10 Fusion processor

Six core 2.5GHz Apple A12 Bionic Processor

Eight-core 2.5 GHz Apple A12Z Bionic processor

Apple A12 Bionic processor






Preinstalled OS

iOS 11.4

iOS 12.2

iPadOS 13.4

iOS 12.2






Disclaimer: Please make sure when you’re shopping for refurbished products that you know which iOS version the device you are purchasing updates too. We’ve featured a lot of our newer tablets in this blog, but while buying an older model can save you some cash, please do a little research to make sure it will be able to run all the amazing features and applications you need it to! 

As you can see, you really can’t go wrong with whichever option you choose! It all depends on how you want to use your new-to-you tablet. Do you just need the basics? We suggest the classic iPad.If you are looking for the biggest and most powerful tablet, the iPad Pro is for you. If you want something in between, consider the iPad Air. And if your main concern is portability, it’s the iPad mini for you. 

Whichever tablet you pick, it will surely serve you well, if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our team for help. We’d be happy to chat with you.

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