Our Process

Our Process 

Want to know what we do here all day? It’s not all fun and games (although there is a little of that too) here’s the TekReplay process broken down for you: 

Receiving - Our inventory arrives and is received by our all star warehouse crew. They inspect each product and just like in school each device is given a cosmetic grade so it can be properly sorted into our system. 

Listing - Once the product is entered into the system as new inventory our Marketing and eCommerce department creates the listing that eventually you’ll see in order to buy your renewed phone, tablet, laptop, or whichever product your heart desires.

Testing and Repairs - Our Receiving Team takes all our new inventory to our in-house diagnostics lab to be tested and cleaned for purchase. If any component of the device fails testing (just like school, remember?) it is replaced by our repairs department.

Item Sold - Once you buy your new-to-you tech all purchased orders are imported into our shipping management software so that we can ensure the safe delivery of your renewed technology. 

Item Shipped - All orders are shipped the next business day after purchase (sorry, no weekends, we’ve got to sleep sometime). Orders are packed in the warehouse and shipped securely so that they arrive promptly and safely to your doorstep.